Construction Management Software

Manage all the site activities in one place

Document control software construction

Common platform for complete field control

Boost Efficiency

Keeping in touch with on-site tasks at all times offers active involvement. Hence increased productivity.

Bridging the gap

On-site mobile apps with field staff eliminate the communication gap between design and construction teams.

Ensure work accuracy

Avoid work duplications, reduce errors and rework with quality checklists and a single source of truth.

Track the progress

Oversee the project’s performance and monitor the site work progress through Dashboard.

  • Compare Targets vs. Actual work – All the project activities can be tracked against the targeted completion date from the Project schedule.
  • Critical tasks management – Prioritize the critical tasks identified from the project schedule. Monitor the updates on critical tasks from Dashboard regularly.

Progress reporting

Generate reports directly from the construction site. Eliminate post-site processing of field reports and progress reports

  • Progress reports: Templates export daily work into formats that meet internal standards or client requirements.
  • Quick submissions: Complete progress reports or build handover reports on-site and share them from your mobile device.
  • Track Records: Keep a complete record of reports and auto-generated logs by the system.

Site co-ordination

Connect team members on-site and in the office to ensure fast decision making.

  • Push notifications: Regular notification enables users to take their actions for completion of the workflow.
  • Mobile app for site users: This enables site engineers to easily submit daily progress reports and inspection requests. Photographs of completed site work can be easily uploaded from the mobile app.
  • Free sub-contractor accounts: Track 100% of your communication, even with external contractors.

Try Bamboo for Your Construction Project Management

The Bamboo app is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as for the most popular browsers.

How Bamboo’s construction management features benefit you:

Enhanced efficiency: Have all the project information at your fingertips and save time on locating information.

Accurate working: Prevent errors by structured documentation and workflow integrations.

Remote working: Operate tasks and report from anywhere.

Secure storage of information: Don’t lose important documents, keep everything in the cloud.

Easy Delivery and handover: Complete high-quality projects and hand them over to clients easily.

Bamboo’s modules for Construction Management:

Critical tasks module

Identify critical tasks from the project schedule and assign them to the concerned person. Monitor the progress on critical tasks and get updates.

Site inspections

Manage site work Inspections and their records from Bamboo’s modules such as RFI – Inspection.


Give updates of on-site activities to the management team from Bamboo’s module of progress reports.

Bamboo offerings

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