Bamboo is a safe house
for your project data

Security is our pivot policy supported by a highly

secured Amazon cloud service AWS

Document control software construction

Storage of Data

Data protection is our foremost priority aided by the highly secured Amazon cloud service AWS. Amazon supplies millions of customers around the world with the highest standards for privacy and data security in the cloud, providing fast, flexible and always-available service.

Security Features

Optimal Security Posture

Multi-factor Authentication

High security mode

Secure Password Policies

Secured Access to users

At Bamboo, every user has pre-defined access and rights to the documents according to their designation.

Security checks

To confirm data security, we regularly conduct security tests from external parties.

Privacy policies

Your data is protected and kept private by our policies. For all pertinent internal and external processes, the policies specify information security rules.

Bamboo offerings

Add ons development

Implementation and customization of Bamboo


Training and Support