Construction Management Software

Manage all the site activities at one place.

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Organize documents across project lifecycle

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Connect your teams at one place for collaboration of all the projects information. Keep all the drawings, reports, guides, manuals and warranties in one place across project planning, construction and operation. Have access to all the documents you need, at any time anywhere.  

Ensure all team members work on the latest drawings and have access to the right documents. Easily manage new drawings with automatic revisioning. Avoid work duplication by not working on older revision of drawings which can cost huge amount of time and money.

Bamboo provides quick submissions and approvals for fast decision making. For example, Documents such as RFIs and DPRs can be generated through mobile app at site only. Therefore, there’s no need for post-site processing for these documents. Engineers can focus more on actual work at site rather than documentation as less paperwork is required.

Avoid the loss of papers as everything is stored digitally and easily searchable for fast reference. Documents are kept in cloud, reducing the risk of information loss. Bamboo use AWS as the cloud storage facility which is the most secured place with Amazon’s security services, so documents are safe and secure.

Ease your cash follow with Bamboo

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Get complete insight over quality of site works

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