• Project and documents control software refers to handling one’s documents and projects on the figure tip.
  • Though key features differ from company to company, the vital role is to maximize productivity, reduce paperwork, and smooth operation.
  • It is very advantageous, as a consequence, in terms of efficiency and quality.
  • Its usage is over multifarious types of projects which involve large infrastructure to building constructions.
  • The most common features that you’ll find while surfing through these kinds of software are:
    • Documentation management
    • Communication tools
    • Tracking, reporting and remarking
    • Scheduling and task management
    • Mobile capabilities

This generally provides the ability to customize features according to an individual’s project needs. In the end, the empowerment of managers for surveillance of all the activities via statistics and secure record-keeping should be done.

Bamboo is one of the best documentation controlling software in the construction industry. Firstly, it offers flexibility over usage via a user-friendly web interface and an intuitive mobile app. That means one can work from anywhere along with easy communication between clients and project participants. Secondly, this platform can generate and review all kinds of construction project documents. What is more, these documents are generated in specific PDF formats to fit into client’s requirements.

Finally, Bamboo offers free watcher’s access to a subcontractor, consequently one doesn’t have to pay for additional licenses if one wants to connect subcontractors and another project stakeholder.

YES! Bamboo does provide users a trial package of 30 days with zero charges. This will give an individual time for going through all the features of the bamboo. Bamboo also offers personalized consultation, where our dedicated will show you how to get the best out of Bamboo.

YES! We have our service is not limited to a particular country. We provide flexible software that can be used all across the globe. Wherever the construction projects are going on, our software can be used as we assist our customers with a facility of customizing features according to their personal needs.

Bamboo is customizable software. The small construction company can subscribe with the basic package of 35$/month, whereas for larger construction companies our team can assist them in customizing software features in accordance with their needs. However, our all-subscription plan includes free access to the project for subcontractors.

Poorly organized document management may be problematic for contractors in several ways, including misplaced documents, incorrect plan versions, and accidentally destroyed paper files. Document control software makes sure that all of your paper records are safely and securely saved online so that you can easily search for and retrieve any older records.

Software for managing construction documents can save you hours and lower the probability of expensive errors. The hundreds of blueprints, reports, and other papers that are frequently needed for construction projects can be overwhelming, but document management software can help you organize them and make it simpler for your team to locate the data they want.

When you use cloud-based document management software for construction, you can instantly share any number of individuals, including subcontractors, any number of drawings or documents. Additionally, it is simple to update outdated versions of documents and send them to the appropriate parties instantly. People won't be working from outmoded plans anymore, which lowers the likelihood that they will make mistakes.

Try Bamboo for Your Construction Project Management

The Bamboo app is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as for the most popular browsers.