Field Services Software
for QA/QC

Get complete insight into the quality of site works

Document control software construction

Integrated site Inspection process

Manage all the quality control tasks at a single platform. Site work Inspection requests and reports are integrated with daily activities workflows. Site engineers needs to submit inspection requests to PMC or Client on daily basis from mobile app only for ease of handling. PMC or Client will have to check the actual work on site and approve the activity accordingly with or without corrections required to be made by contractors.


All the quality control documentation such as field/laboratory test reports, inspection logs, RFIs will be managed at a common platform between Client, PMC, Contractors or any other parties in a transparent channel. For Project construction and handling over joint inspections can be carried out to finalize snags and punch lists.

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The Bamboo app is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as for the most popular browsers.